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Diagnostic revolution

Early decisions matter

Treat infants individually, specifically and in a timely manner. Prevent negative effects and complications. This is what the new generation of intelligent prediction software for obstetrics and neonatology is enabling.


Our breakthrough
prediction tool

Digitize scientific and clinical experience — a paradigm shift in maternal, neonatal and perinatal care. Clinical care of mothers and their children is supported and optimized by our algorithm. This algorithm was trained and validated with the data of thousands of newborns.

The breakthrough prediction tool of NeoPrediX will support decision makers in clinics to optimize care and therapy for each individual patient. In doing so, we will facilitate therapeutic decisions for the most vulnerable patients, the newborns. It is about the moment. The future begins now.

250 Mio.

per year

140 Mio.

per year

14 Mio.

Premature Babies
per year

What we do

The new generation
of analysis software
for neonatology

NeoPrediX develops decision support tools with maternal, neonatal and perinatal screening platforms to evaluate, optimize and personalize medical strategies in pediatrics. We utilize intelligent algorithms and digital health solutions for neonatal and perinatal care based on deep medical data and science, developed by experienced scientists, pediatricians, and neonatologists.

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Our vision

We enhance and personalize healthcare in early life.

Our mission

We transform medical data into intelligent predictions to support clinical decisions.

Career Opportunities

Designing the future of medicine. With you.

We are a young, innovative company in the medical technology software field. The company is a spin-off from the University of Basel. A diverse, highly motivated team driven by desire for achievement and passion for children and their families provides an ideal work environment. A high degree of independence and self-organization together with short decision-making paths makes us agile and efficient. We are developing new, individual treatment solutions to enhance perinatal and neonatal care.
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Technical Product Manager (all genders)
DevOps Engineer (all genders)


The team of experts

Experience for progress -
a highly qualified leadership team

Thorsten Waloschek

Thorsten Waloschek

Thorsten Waloschek MBA is a senior industry executive who is passionate about bringing new and innovative products to market that have a positive impact on patients, their families and clinicians.

Marc Pfister

Marc Pfister

Prof. Marc Pfister MD FCP is a clinician, researcher, innovator and entrepreneur who is passionate about intelligent digital health solutions that improve lives of children and their families.

Jörg Schmidt

Jörg Schmidt

Jörg Schmidt is a senior financial executive in Life Sciences and the MedTech industry who is passionate about leading financial business projects to bring innovative companies & their products to market successfully.

Sven Wellmann

Sven Wellmann

Prof. Sven Wellmann MD MBA is a leading researcher, pediatrician and neonatalogist who is passionate about enhancing and personalizing treatment early in life to improve clinical outcome.

Contact our team

Contact our innovative team
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please feel free to contact us at any time for further questions and requests.